What is a BAO?

bao1To know the origin, we must take a trip through Asia, starting with China (Taiwan), where the ‘bao’ is the protagonist of street food and has managed to enter the Western world being currently considered the most ‘trendy’ snack in restaurants category ‘street food’.

But what are the baos?; The word ‘Bao’ means “wrap” and are the Asian translation of the Western concept of sandwich, oval, with an infinite number of possibilities regarding the filling and soft dough steamed that make this dish an exotic product , light and full of flavor.

What is PAMBAO

Pambao is pure fusion. Collect the culinary trend of the moment, which is also part of their brand identity (pambaos), with classics like bao pork belly and recovering the recipes of life rooted in Spanish culture, such as cod Biscay, the tripe, and introducing new ones like turkey sausage Mahou beer on land foie Quico, giving the consumer a cultural explosion on the palate. A culinary journey through the world’s cuisines.


If there’s one thing that stands out it is the quality PAMBAO. We have our own team of chefs and bakeries that produce our daily dishes and selected the best raw materials of national origin to provide healthy fresh produce and freshly made. Together with our R + D + i we have developed own recipe for bread based on olive oil and rice flour to make our bread A deli, with a thin crust and a distinctive flavor that give personality to bao current making it a true PAMBAO.